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Talent Concept

   Core concepts: Make the people who want to do something have a chance, make the people who can do something have a platform, make the people who make it have status and treatment. We will value talented people, provide platforms for them.

The first one is “possessing both ability and political integrity. We will select and employ talented people according to the principle. We think that people with morality but no talent are mediocre, people with talent but no morality are villain. Morality and talent are both important. 

The second one is performance. When we employ workers, we don’t care much about their educational background. No matter what their educational background or age are, only they can complete the tasks and do better than others, we will employ them as our staff. At present, average age of the company’s technological personnel and management personnel is about 35 years old, average age of directors of the workshops is about 30 years old. Although some of them have no high educational level, they have ability, passion and performance. We adhere to use the principle to employ people. Therefore, we have many talented workers. They play important roles in promoting the development of the enterprise. 

The third one is caring about practice. As the saying goes - “if you want to judge the value of a piece of jade, you need to burn it for three years; if you want to know whether the people have ability, you need to observe for seven years”. For all workers of the enterprise, we arrange them to work in the workshops firstly. Afterwards, we will test them and choose the best. 

The fourth principle is survival of the fittest. When we select employees, we usually offer a platform for them to compete, and choose the best people as our employees, for the no qualified applicant, they will not be employed.

The fifth one is valuing every employee. In the use of talents people, we eliminate the pattern and mystery, select proper employees and arrange their position according to their characteristics. Only when they are in proper positions, they can give the great performance. Therefore, in accordance with every employee’s level, strong items, experience, character and others, we arrange their positions. This helps employees of the enterprise to know themselves, give full play to their advantages. And it also promotes the rapid and constant development of the enterprise. 

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