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A photo of the company’s boss and Grace Meng (the only Chinese congresswoman in the eastern area of America), Paul Tonko (a congressman from New York State) about visiting the workshops
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NewBodylife Cosmetics Manufacture (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. is called “New Bodylife” for short. It is a senior enterprise that provides global cosmetics OEM/ODM service.
Now, “New Bodylife” is an affiliate of American Bodylife Group. Bodylife originates from British royal family, is well-known in the world because of its palace recipe about skin caring.
In 2002, Bodylife choose Guangzhou, China as a new production base. This is the history of “New Bodylife”.
OEM/ODM New bodylife- create the best OEM/ODM platform OEM: Your brands, our professional technologies / ODM: Your achievements, our precise brand planning
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Why do you choose us? Eight advantages
Production advantages The site is located in Baiyun District of Guangzhou City, Taihe Town, Long Park Road on the 8th butterfly Pui Lei Industrial Park, the plant covers an area of 17,000 square meters. Since the construction, the company from the original 100 to 380 people, customers from zero to more than 100, in addition to mainland China, Hong Kong, but also exported to the United States and other places.

New Bodylife production base is located in well-known Dalang logistics center of Baiyun District, Guangzhou. There is convenient transportation and developed logistics. The factory covers an area of nearly 10mu; it is bright and spacious; in addition, it has rational layout. This is a high standard of modern factory with more than 20,000m2. In this factory, there are advanced devices, dynamic 100,000 grades GMPC workshops with 5,000 square meters, 6 production lines with 20 meters, 1,000m2 biological inspection laboratory with 10,000 grades, automatic bottle washing and drying machine, automatic paste filling machines, automatic surface pasting filling machine, automatic hose filling machine, three-dimension packaging machine and other advanced production devices.

New Bodylife’s research and development technology supports the safety research and development of new products. In order to safety research and development of new products and improve R&D level of New Bodylife, we specially set up R&D department, technology application department, quality checking department, professional R&D teams to provide strong technology support. The company has passed the confirmation of quality management system ISO22716, ISO22716, GMPC and got international quality supplier certificate issued by Swiss SGS system and other authorized confirmation, which represent that New Bodylife is recognized.

New Bodylife established good strategic partnership with suppliers of quality materials at home and abroad. The raw materials adopted are 100% original imported materials. So, the research and development of products have a solid base. We can provide many custom-made products for customers. All can increase the customers’ trust, and are also favorable for the company to keep up with the new trend of international cosmetics development. 

New Bodylife invested a lot to build R&D elite teams. Now, the company has owned many experienced formula creators. They repeatedly test the safety and performance of products through the experiment, carefully deal with experimental data, work hard to grasp unique formula technology, which ensure products’ safety and utility, improve the enterprise’s R&D ability, and meet the demands of the market. We try to make customers get that New Bodylife has outstanding R&D advantages and it can produce custom-made products for different customers.

After several years of development, New Bodylife owned a complete supplying network including raw materials, devices and others. The company established long and steady cooperation relationships with these providers. We can provide the best prices for customers, so that customers can have the advantage of higher cost performance. Meanwhile, products’ producing is inspected strictly, which can ensure products’ utility. And we can provide high quality of products for customers with the best prices.

New Bodylife established modern standard workshop. It strictly obeys standard quality management system to manage the factory. Therefore, the whole production processes are ordered, the workshops are tidy, the cross contamination don’t happen. These further guarantee products’ quality. New Bodylife pursues natural, healthy, green concepts. Each formula through repeated experiment is created. In its researching process, relevant technical personnel paid a lot. Due to their efforts, the company has a good reputation in the industry and our products are praised by customers.

New Bodylife values the quality of products, and also cares about training and managing employees to enhance advantage of teams. The company extensively selects talented people and trains them, so that the teams can fast grow, and steadily develop in the exciting market competition. The directors lead all employees to work with more careful attitude, provide more quality products for customers. Therefore, we surpassed competitors, greatly enhanced overall customer satisfaction, and owned steadier customers, realized win-win of the enterprise and employees. The employees of the enterprise work together and have more strong affinity.

New Bodylife affiliates American Bodylife Group. It is a senior enterprise that provides cosmetics OEM/ODM service. Bodylife originates from British royal family, is well-known in the world because of its palace recipe about skin caring. In 2015, New Bodylife got SGS certificate issued by Swiss authorized certification organizations, which represent that New Bodylife’s service standards got the recognition of the third party that is professional and fair. And in 2016, the company successfully passed standard appraisal certification of international ISO22716 and American GMPC, which make the management of New Bodylife referring to cosmetics OEM/ODM gradually geared to international standards. The brand positioning of products made by New Bodylife is clear. The products are full of the charm of fashion and traditional cultural connotation, have a strong brand influence. After several years of development, New Bodylife has established distinctive and healthy brand image, and got recognition of consumers. 

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In recent years, we have provided service for more than one thousand customers, cultivate dozens of well-known brands, cases
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