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R & D Center

Date: 2016-11-26
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The CEO of this company was a technology research and development engineer, which implanted a deep research gene for the enterprise.

Liu Jianhua (the enterprise’s chief engineer) engaged in the cosmetics industry as a technology research and development engineer. For the past two decades, he has diligently pursued technological innovation, which gives New Bodylife a deep technology background.

A brief introduction to Liu Jianhua (a formula maker of advanced cosmetics) 

Liu Jianhua is a senior technician, also a talented chief engineer in the cosmetics. In order to get the best cosmetics technology, he went to Japan, France, Korea and America for studying. Liu has engaged in this industry for 20 years. He has unique ideas and innovation. Though he has contributed a lot to the cosmetics research, Liu never stops going forward.

R & D Center

The company passed the confirmation of quality management system such as ISO22716 and GMPC, got quality supplier certificate issued by Swiss SGS and other authorized confirmation.

We strictly obey the standards of GMPC to build all workshops. The environment of main workshops, through the detection of the third party, totally gets to cleaning standards of the 100,000 grades. We rely on strict quality control to get customers’ loyalty and trust. We also got quality supplier certificate issued by Swiss SGS.


R & D Center


R & D Center

Technology application department: (product improvement, market research, provide samples)

R&D department: Project research, new product development, patents application

Quality checking department: techniques checking, pre -production evaluation, raw materials picking, quality control

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