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NewBodylife Cosmetics Manufacture (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. is called “New Bodylife” for short. It is a senior enterprise that provides global cosmetics OEM/ODM service. 


Company Profile

Now, “New Bodylife” is an affiliate of American Bodylife Group. Bodylife originates from British royal family, is well-known in the world because of its palace recipe about skin caring.


In 2002, Bodylife choose Guangzhou, China as a new production base. This is the history of “New Bodylife”.


Company Profile

We have been paying much attention to products’ quality, overseas new technologies’ introducing and reasonably use since the factory was set up. Meanwhile, we also established large cosmetics research and development laboratories, in which we are positive to promote the research and development of new natural plants cosmetics. And we have gained a lot.

Company Profile


Therefore, after several years of development, “New Bodylife” is well-known in the industry for “steady technologies, good operations, and complete matching enterprises”. It is the real contributor to brands. New Bodylife has cultivated dozens of domestic well-known brands including traditional brands, e-commerce brands, micro-commerce brands, leading brands, etc.


The company invested a lot to set up a standard modern cosmetics factory near the Baiyuan Lake, Baiyun District, Guangzhou (in the Dalang logistics center). Here the transportation is convenient, logistics industry develops well. The factory covers an area of more than 20,000m2, has GMP standard workshops, R&D center, IPQC/QC quality checking center. The company adopts advanced technologies and devices in the world, such as automatic cream liquid multi-applications filling system of German (high degree of automation, leading work efficiency), V0-1-1300M vacuum emulsification machine of Japan and 2T enamel stirring tank, large and medium-sized domestic emulsification tank, de-ionized water equipment, automatic packaging production and other modern devices, imported atomic Absorption spectroscopy, liquid chromatography, gas chromatograph, spectrophotometer and other modern detection devices.


Now, New Bodylife has owned nearly 10,000 square meters of standard workshops with the grades of GMPC100,000, in which there are 6 filling lines, 6 packaging lines. The monthly production quantity can get to 200 tons. All pass the certifications of GMPC GB and ISO22716 international quality management system, also get international quality supplier certificate through Swiss SGS system. We set up an international standard R&D center with nearly 1000 square meters.


Even if there is so strong soft and hard conditions, employees of New Bodylife are not self-centered. They are open-minded and positive to learn advanced technologies in the world. The company has ever cooperated with many cosmetics research centers in America, Singapore and other countries, such as American State University of New York, BODYLIFE Natural Products Cosmetics R & D Center and others. We adhere to “introducing, transferring, hatching” and “independent development” to meet the demands of global people who have desires to beauty.

Company Profile


“New Bodylife” has been adhering to the operation philosophy of “operating with sincerity and honesty, people oriented, keeping up with the times, developing by technologies and innovations”, the principles of “putting the customers in the first place, taking the technologies as the core” to provide services for old and new customers. Let us work together to provide the best service for all the people who have desires to beauty, and create biological system of cosmetics. Welcome the people with lofty ideas to visit “New Bodylife”. Thank you!


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